How does Invest Forward structure its investment portfolios?

We have engaged J.H. Ellwood & Associates, Inc. to provide us with model portfolios based on parameters that we provide. Ellwood Associates is an investment consultancy that advises on over $55 billion* in assets and provides sophisticated investment advice to large institutional clients.

Ellwood was formed in 1977 and is wholly owned by its employees. Ellwood provides comprehensive discretionary and non-discretionary consultancy services specializing in asset allocation analysis, investment strategy determination, investment manager searches, ongoing portfolio monitoring and performance reporting.

Ellwood Associates provides model portfolios to Invest Forward based on risk/reward profiles determined by Invest Forward. Ellwood Associates has not participated in the development of Invest Forward or this website, and does not sponsor or endorse it's matching algorithm. Invest Forward is solely responsible for assessing the individual needs and circumstances of clients who invest in Invest Forward portfolios.

*Ellwood assets under advisement as of June 30, 2015

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